NWHCBS | EHR & Credentialing

Take your practice to the next level with EHR integration and insurance credentialing assistance from Nationwide HealthCare Billing Services in Dallas, Texas. Our medical billing professionals advise you about the best way to manage your practice’s changeover to EHR and be credentialed as an in-network provider.

EHR Integration

Transition to electronic health records with help from our EHR integration experts. We make recommendations about EHR programs that are better for certain specialties, such as cardiology, internal medicine, pain management, and dermatology. This ensures that you are best able to treat your patients.


Make sure you have established your qualifications with our insurance credentialing services. We help you through the process of being paid by insurance carriers and getting into their networks. This includes setting the fee schedule and helping with reimbursement from insurance carriers.

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