NWHCBS | LTC Software GeroPro

GeroPro is a complete Healthcare Information suite confederated with applications to actualize Financial and Clinical needs of Long-term Care Facilities.

GeroPro is modulated to manage the all-important functions of healthcare organizations; Patient Demographics and Face sheets, Administration of Patient Billing, Accounts Receivables, Account Payables, Resident Trust Funds & MDS, Care Plan, General Ledger, Resident Charting, Payroll, Management dashboards and etc.

GeroPro EDI tools are avant-garde and HIPAA compatible; they retrieve & export data to create on-demand critical reports for decision support or State Surveys. GeroPro helps to optimize healthcare management costs & increase returns on investments for Geriatric Healthcare.




ACCOUNTS PAYABLEVendor maintenance, invoicing and timely payments
ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLEManage revenue cycle, census, aging and reimbursements
PAYROLLFeatures and functions to maintain employee records and payroll
GENERAL LEDGERConsolidated financial statements, book keeping and analytical reports
BILLINGProvides ANSI 837 / 835 electronic billing to speed up revenue cycle
CLAIMS MANAGERClaims scrubbing, electronic 837 and claims submission
TRUSTIn house resident banking system which tracks resident trust funds.
PAYPROEmployee access to their pay stubs, tax deductions, W2s etc...


Complete resident health records, history and assessments
ADMISSION/DISCHARGE/TRANSFERResident geographical information, Admission, Discharge & Transfer info
MDS 3.0Assess the patient MDS Assessments as per state/federal specifications.
PHYSICIAN ORDERSResident diagnosis, allergies, dietary orders, Routine & PRN Medications
MARCapture resident's ADL, Vitals, Dose Tracker, Dietary, Nursing, & Therapy
MRDComplete resident assessment and maintenance of Medical Records
24 HOUR INCIDENT REPORTINGTrack incidents, avoid incident risks and step to follow
CAREPROMaintain records of Care Givers schedule, Care log on a timely basis.
NURSE TRACKEREnsure compliance around nurses performance & monitoring resident care
CLINICAL DOCUMENT MANAGERDigitize and maintain all old records & documents in electronic formats
PHARMACYSend prescription orders electronically to pharmacy vendor.


DASHBOARDSConsolidated and granular view of facility operations
COMPLIANCE MANAGERConduct mock surveys and ensure survey readiness at all times
HRPROFacility employee document management system for HR team
ADMINUser set up, access restrictions, user logs and activity reports
SUPPORT24/7 support from GeroPro experts on technical and customization issues