NWHCBS | Revenue Cycle Management

Nationwide Healthcare Billing Services is a premier provider of healthcare revenue cycle management services. NWHCBS provides quality services along with increase cost reduction. We can manage the entire RCM starting from a patient’s admission to claims and accounts settling.

Unorganized Claims and Outstanding Revenues are two major issues that pull down the efficiency of medical providers. As a healthcare service provider, it becomes important that you have tested revenue cycle management system. Below are some of the distinct advantages of partnering with NWHCBS.

  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Structured and organized operations
  • Faster revenue realization
  • Constant monitoring and analysis of revenues

By leveraging these advantages you can streamline the operations at your hospital or Physician Practice and ensure patient satisfaction as well. In addition to this, NWHCBS services come with wise business decision support for cost effectiveness, high quality output and reduction in staff management.

Revenue cycle management solutions from NWHCBS:

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Patient Registration
  • Charge capture
  • Medical coding
  • Medical billing
  • Claims review, approval and denial management
  • Accounts Receivables Management

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