NWHCBS provide comprehensive Medical health billing and credentialing services at competitive prices nationwide, with state-specific billing rules knowledge. We offer a flexible month-to-month contract, no setup fee, and a 30-day free trial. Our billing teams are experienced with all major mental health billing software and work with any software you have. If you do not have any, we will recommend you one that fits your needs and budget. The onboarding process is quick and simple, and takes 2 to 5 business days. We offer complete revenue cycle management services including:

Comprehensive Medical health billing services for your practice.

Dedicated Billing Manager and Team

You will be assigned a dedicated billing manager to ensure a smooth transition and day-to-day billing. Your billing manager is available via email and phone during business hours.

Working with Your Software

We work remotely with any EHR and PM software and clearinghouse you have. We handle both online and server-based software. If you do not have any, we will recommend one that fits your needs and budget.

Charge Entry

                                                      We enter patient demographics and charge information daily.

Claim Submission

                                             Claims are scrubbed and submitted daily: error-free, 98% first-time pass rate. Rejections are corrected and resubmitted promptly.

Payment Posting

                                                   The billing team verifies the appropriate payment for each claim and promptly posts all ERAs and EOBs. The remaining balance is billed to the secondary insurance or posted to the patient’s account.

Follow Up and Appeals

                                                    We follow up on every claim that is not paid within 30 days by contacting the insurance companies. If the claim is denied, we review, correct, and resubmit it immediately.

Customized Reports

                                                   The reports are provided weekly and/or monthly and they are customized to your preferences. These reports include transmission, payments, A/R, denials, and more.

Patient Statements and Inquiries

Patient statements are generated with detailed explanations of any remaining balance. The billing team helps respond to any questions patients may have about their statements.

Aging A/R Recovery

                                                   Our team of Aging A/R recovery specialists review, correct, resubmit and follow up on all old claims to ensure maximum recovery.

Insurance Benefit Verification

Your billing team will contact the respective insurances and obtain the patient’s benefit information.


                                                   Our dedicated team helps you with credentialing and contracting matters. We can assist both initial and ongoing processes.

Transparency and Customization

Our mental health billing and credentialing services are full transparent. We are flexible and customize our services to your practice requirements.